Secondary school offers 2 linguistic sections, English and French.

Pupils are divided into small groups providing a pleasant environment for learning and socialising.

A flexible and personalised learning support system is put in place according to the pupil’s individual needs.

Assessments will consider both written and oral performances to form a note. Different methods of evaluation will be used during the year:

  • An assessment at the beginning of the year according to the levels required to organise the support;
  • Courses (integration of new students);
  • Formative evaluations;
  • Summative evaluations.

The teacher will regularly assess the student’s writing and oral skills by:

  • Homeworks;
  • Keeping the notebook, taking notes, presentations, dissertations.

Students will be initiated to self-evaluation, i.e. through self-correction.


Link to the syllabuses of secondary school


Synoptic of courses and periods S1 to S3

Periods per week (indicative)
S1 S2 S3
ART 2 2 2
HSC 3 3 3
ICT 1 1 2(1)
L1 5 5 4
L2 5 4 4
L3 2 3 3
MAT 4 4 4
MOR 2 2 2
MUS 2 2 2
PE 3 3 3
SCI 4 4 4
SUPPORT 0-3(2)
GLOSSARY: ART: Artistic education; HSC: Human sciences; ICT: Information and communications technology; L1: Language 1; L2: Language 2; L3: Language 3; MAT: Mathematics; MOR: Moral; MUS: Music; PE: Physical education; SCI: Integrated sciences.
(1)ICT is an optional subject in S3.
(2)Depending on the needs of the pupil.