Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide quality education to nursery, primary and secondary level pupils within a multilingual and international environment by ensuring individual follow-up and the well-being of each student.

Our school gathers children from the age of three and leads them to a Baccalaureate giving them access to university studies. We offer a multilingual education. Pupils develop their bilingualism every day with qualified teachers whose mother tongue corresponds to the language chosen.

Nursery has 3 classes. In Primary, we admit children aged 6 years old during the calendar year in question. Primary school has 5 classes. In Secondary school, we admit children having completed primary school and who are in principle 11 years old. Secondary school has 7 classes divided in 3 cycles, observation, pre-orientation and orientation cycle.


Level Classes Age
Nursery 1-3 3-5
Primary 1-5 6-10
Secondary 1-7 11-18
  Observation cycle 1-3 11-13
  Pre-orientation cycle 4-5 14-15
  Orientation cycle 6-7 16-18

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